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If you have any questions related to H1B Visa, F1 Visa, OPT, Visa Stampings, Universities, Admission requirements, GRE and TOEFL scores, etc, Please do post here. I will try my best to answer them.

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46 Responses to “Got Questions?? … Post here”

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I have got my F1 visa in January 2009, I also got my H1b approved in April 2009. I have to join Fall 2009 Sep 09 at my University in USA. I am currently in Pakistan. I want to complete atleast 2 semesters and then change my status to h1b. My employer is planning to call me by the mid of next year. Kindly guide me is that possible I may enter USA and start my education on F1, complete my 2 semesters, and then use my H1b approved this year to change my status. I need urgent help. Thanks indeed.

Usually you can change your status from F1 to H1 with out any issues but currently as the things are little sensitive, UCSIC (US government) is not approving all applications.

So the best way, I would suggest for you is come here on F1 and complete the course rather than changing to H1B in between which might be little riskier at this point of economic mess.

So if you plan to come here by September, try to choose a course and complete them all as soon as you can and then you can start working on your H1B.

The reason I said its riskier is ? While you come to US, you are awarded the VISA at consulate for your educational purposes(F1 Visa) so they expect you to complete the purpose of coming here and then convert to h1b like every other student. But in between if you try to change something like this, it will create a doubt and will make them to ask for more details on why you are taking this job or some other details on what made you to think to change your mind after 2 semesters.

So Its kind of riskier to do this f1 to h1b conversion with out completing your courses. I did see some people who applied for h1B with out completing their courses and were doing jobs happily on h1b but at this juncture of time (recession) I wouldn’t suggest to opt this method with out completing your courses.

If you need any suggestions on universities that have programs that complete in one year (Masters Degree), I can help you with that.

Let me know and all the best.

Hi, I have a volunteer firefighter who is here from Venezuela on a F1 Visa attending school. We compensate our firefighters by paying for time and runs. We then issue a 1099 at the end of the year. He has earned $1500.00 so far this year. He is stressed beacause he thinks he will be deported for earning money. Is there any way around this? Please let me know.
Thank You
Chief Dale Naylor
Knight Township Volunteer Fire Dept.
Evansville, IN

F1 students are supposed to work only on campus for a limit of 20 hours. As this is considered off campus job (even though it is a social service) he really cant accept any pay checks which obviously generates 1099. I would suggest either paying him in cash or personal checks or making it as a free serviced job.

But there is no way he can be deported just for this attempt. But, make sure not to repeat this again, try to work it out either with cash or personal checks next time.


I am working with a working visa. Can I attend Graduate program as a part time student while working with working visa.

Yes, you can study while working, that’s not an issue at all. But while studying you can’t really work. So you are good to study as part timer while working fulltime.



I have an urgent question on F1/OPT/H1 approval
travel to Canada.

Basically I am on F1/OPT till February 2010. I also got
my H1B approved in April 2009. Now I am
considering travel to Canada around July 4th.
There seems to be rumor saying that during such
“transitional” gray area I may have trouble to
return to US on F1 status. Dose anybody know
the relevant USCIS document to clarify on this?
Any advice?

My trip is already booked and it’s only 7 days.

Tons of thanks!

Just to add to my previous question I am
employed and working since February 2009,and
graduated in January 2009 (degree confirmed in
May, hope your head is not spinning with
those days :).

I am currently on OPT (grad-May 09) and workin for a firm in CA. I know that as an F1 on OPT, I pay only federal and state tax and not Social security and medicare tax. Can somebody please tell me exactly what percentage of total tax is going to get cut from my salary annually/monthly?

Adding to my previous question, will they also cut the other 2 taxes (SSN and medicare) but will be returned when I file my taxes? If yes then pls tell me the total percentage of tax I am going to lose monthly/annually?

Hi ilok,

You will be paying up to 18% – 22% in OPT. Once you start working in H1B, you will start paying between 30%- 35%.

The reason you are seeing these differences in the percentages is some states don’t have state tax and it also depends on your pay scale.


hello all,
I’d like suggestions from yall regarding my
brother’s situation. He is on US on a F-1 visa
and it’s his 2nd MBA here. He is from South America.

My father filed a I-130 for him about 4 years ago.
Still waiting for priority date.

Are there any corporations that are non-profit
that are interested in MBA grads?

Should he apply to jobs in Canada?

Thank you!!


It’s a tricky situation since he is still here on F1 student status. All he could do is apply for H1B Visa (job Visa) through any employer and wait for his Green Card process. This is totally a new area for me, so I am not quite sure If I can help you.

Now in regards to employers who can sponsor… there are thousands of companies who can do that for MBA graduates too. I suggest you to go online and search some jobs for freshers in /

Also ask him to go to company websites like, yahoo, Xerox, IBM, Dell and some other companies and apply directly. Fresher’s has good success rate to get hired recently than experienced people.

For your help, I am proving a link where you can see the list of companies in areas like California, Seattle ,Portland. You can ask him to refer this map ( to apply jobs at some companies. I am sure he should get some response from some companies soon. Ask him to be aggressive and optimistic.


I am currently working on OPT valid till July 15’2010. I want to apply for H1B next year in April. But my F-1 visa is expiring in Jan’2009. Will this be an issue? or expired F1 visa won’t affect my H1 B processing.

Thank you,

Don’t worry about your F1 Visa dates, as long as you have your OPT card stating the dates you are very well good for your legal status.

As you mentioned that your OPT will be expiring in July 2010, how are you planning to keep your status active while your H1B(assuming that you will apply for H1B visa in April 2010) activation dates will be only from OCT 1st 2010. You have to make sure you got a good legal status between July 2010 and Oct 1st 2010.

I suggest you to try and get an employer who can sponsor H1B this year itself. That will be better off than again joining into some courses for that time period.


Hi there. First of all Thank you very much for this wonderful website. I has answered many of my questions. Well then I still got a few more. My situation is that I’m currently employed on OPT with I-797A on my hand(H-1B petition approved & will be valid from Oct 1st 2009). It seems like my next step is to leave the country and get the H-1B visa stamp. Is that correct? If so, is there a specific period of time when I should leave the country and come back to USA with new H-1B visa? Could you suggest any official comment on that from USCIS website or other governmental institutions? (I tired to look but no luck) Any help on these questions are very much appreciated.

Yes you are right that you would need a stamping in your passport but not necessarily needed if you don’t have any plans to go outside the country at this point of time unless you really wanted to go outside the country just for this stamping purpose.

There is no specific time before which you would need that H1B Stamping; In fact you are not required to have it at all if you don’t go outside for next 10 years also. You can just keep extending your I 797 until you get your Green Card. It is as simple as it is.

Practically its not going to happen, so I suggest you to take the next opportunity to get stamping while travelling outside for other purposes (visiting parents, friends, holiday etc) but not specifically for this.

Keeping current economic & Immigrations conditions, I will not suggest you to go ahead for stamping right now in Canada, Mexico, Asian countries anywhere as currently US immigration department is trying to avoid people entering into country due to this economic concerns. Hopefully next year would be a better idea to take a chance for stamping.

If you are really working for some big company I then can suggest you to get stamping as big companies can support your I 797 with some good documents. I hope I made some sense for your issue.

I don’t specifically have a link from USCIS website but you can go through the below links and get some idea about the procedures on how to get stamping in Canada.

Let us know if you need more assistance.



I am from INDIA . I am currently doing MS thermal Engineering 1st year
(I have Completed 1.BS in Industrial Engineering,
2.Third year Mechanical Engineering,
3.Post graduate diploma in Piping Engineering and
4.Post Graduate Diploma in Process Engineering
5. Associate member of Institute of Engineers ) . I want to apply for MS in Aeronautical Engineering and later on for PHD. Following are my question
1. I going have already 1 MS degree (going to finish in July 2011) does that make difference in getting the admission for MS in Aerospace Engineering in USA.
2. How much is the generally GRE/TOEFL score required for California Institute of technology
3. If I get a very high score Am I eligible for a scholarship

I am not sure about this university requirement for this program. All I could suggest is go to the university website and check for the requirements for international students. I suggest you to apply for other universities and see if they offer this course.

I hope this below link should help for more details over the course you are looking. Let me know if you have any further questions!!!



MY OPT is valid til Jan 31, 2010. My company decides to continue hiring me. I am planning to apply for H1B next year, before the OPT expiration date. Can I get paid during H1B is in process?

Between your OPT expiration date and your H1B approval dates you need to be in valid status. As you said Jan 31st 2010 will be your last date in OPT, how can you be on status from then till Oct 1st 2010 (H1B valid start date)?

Make sure you discuss with you employer about the options you have and also contact an immigration attorney for more options.

I only have an option at this point, join in some course from a college or university till October and in the mean time ask your employer to apply for your H1B in April. But between your OPT expiration date and before the H1B activation date you cant work so make sure you follow all the legal points.


My boyfriend is currently employed in Alberta as a skileld worker. how many months will the process take
if he applies for permanent resident in the province of Alberta under Federal Nominee program?

When you said he is currently employed in Alberta as a skilled worker, I am assuming that he is currently on a temporary work permit. WE are not sure about the timelines and the process for the people living in Canada. But as far as I know the procedure should take same time for both insider and outsider of Canada.

For AINP program, it takes about 6- 9 months for the complete process where as the regular resident program takes about 24 months.

I have a approved H1B Visa of 2008 but still not stamped. Due to recession my consultant is not willing to send me to US. He says that we can get it transferred.Now my question is.
Can I get this visa transfered to some other company just like that.Will the US consulate not object to this.

Hi Ankur,

Based on what you said, I think you currently have I-797(H1B approval) with you which obviously need a stamping before you can come to United States.

As your employer said, recession has worsened the outcome of the Visa stampings at consulates and hence many employers are not willing to let their consultants go for stamping.

You can wait till early next year and ask for the latest status on jobs in United States and also keep a close look at the US consulate forums and blogs where you can understand how the consulates are proceeding with giving Visas. Once you know that things have relaxed in US with job market and other issues, you can apply for you Visa stamping and come to US.

I don’t see any transfer option in this whole issue. You can always use your current H1B approved petition and go for Visa even after a year or two, but you need to carry a document stating the reason for this delayed stamping from your employer.

Hope this is useful.



Hi. I am a PR card holder and I have managed to get an admission to one of the canadian universities. Is there any concession on fees or any other financial assistance from the government, besides the fact I need to pay just 1/4th of the total fee?

I have nearly 5 yrs of exp in peopelsoft
and am looking for filing my H1B Visa.
Can you please suggest some good consultancies
who can sponser me. Am currently working
in Chennai(india)

I graduated with my MBA in May 2009. Recently, I found a job with an investments firm. The process for H-1B filing has begun, but the lawyer did not ask me for my masters transcripts. So, it seems like he is filing under general quota (65,000). Would it be a problem going forward, if say I’d like to apply for green card a few years later? Please let me know. Thanks.

I am a MBA(Finance) from a recognized University of India.Presently m working an MNC in the financial sector.I have 2 years of work experience in the financial sector.I would like to know about the opportunities that are available for me in the US.Would also like to know about the process ,as to how to proceed?Would I be eligible for a H1 Visa?

hello,can some one help me there on this,i am a student in South Africa,my nationality is Cameroon.
i just completed my disciple ship program here in Johannesburg city college,i got and admission to further my studies at victory bible institute Tulsa.can i apply for a student visa here in
South Africa?can i provide my married certificate and my 2year old child birth certificates as my ties out of USA.there are all in Cameroon,can i go ahead?please advice me on this.

Hi i completed BE in computer science 2006 and got married then i came to USA in june 2007, then had kid now i am planing to work in US.I did SUN CERTIFIED JAVA PROGRAMMER1.6 also i did course on J2ME.
can u help me what and how i should get my H1B visa.I was in H4 but now i am in India.

I graduated in Dec 2009. Working since Feb 2010 on F1-OPT. My H1 is filed on April 2010 and Approved on Aug 2010. Inbetween I visited India in June 2010 due to my dad’s serious medical condition so My H1 is approved but the transfer from F1 to H1 is pending or denied. My lawyer is suggesting that I visit Canada to get my first time F1 to H1 B stamping. Is Canada a good option? WHat happens if its denied in Canada? Can I enter USA or go to India.? Please advise. THank you !!!

My husband is sending out the spousal visa application/permanent residency we filled out. He says the portion where it indicates for my immediate family details (mom-dad-siblings) and passport photos, their passport pix aren’t really required….? Is that true? If so, Why does the application ask for it then.

Thanx for your help.

Right now iam looking for a job. On L2 visa with EAD. Can anyone can inform me about a trustworthy consultancy located in Wisconsin region. Who provide 100% free IT training and job placement. ready to pay money once getting the job. Have small period of software experience.looking for a technology change.

In 2010 I was working in the US with a F1-OPT visa until May and then I switched to H1b. Could I ask refund of social security and medicare taxes that I pay until May 2010?


Can you apply for AINP and have a spouse sponsor you for PR at the same time??

I am currently living in USA on H4 and planning to travel to my home country for F1 visa. I would like to know if I am granted F1 visa against an I-20 form with a program start date of end of August, but the visa process takes longer than expected and the University asks me not to start in the middle of the semester and to join from the next semester in Jan 2012. Would that have an affect on the validity of F1 visa since the school was not joined soon after coming to USA? If I get F1 visa on the I-20 with the start date of end August then I will be flying to US to be with my husband even tough I start my course in Jan 2012.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.


I have been currently working on F1-OPT and now on H1B. I will be going to India for my first time H1B stamping soon. I am working as a full time employee in an organization (mid-size). I am not working as a consultant.

My company is moving offices to a different building within 2-5 miles radius. Its a bigger building and they are basically consolidating the 2 current separate offices at one place (i.e. HR, other departments, etc.). The address on my H1B approval form is my current location address where I am working.

My question is :

1> Should I go to India before my employer changes the address / moves office ?

2> What will happen if I go to India for stamping after the office has moved / address changed ?
a> Do i need to get H1B Visa amendment done ?
b> Is there any documentation process to be followed ? Any USCIS related issues ?

3> Will the change of address / office cause issue at Port of Entry while returning back ?

Please advise.



I did my MS in US University and finished in 2008. And I started working in 2009 with some experience but I got settled well in 2010 and 2011 with continuous jobs while I was in OPT and OPT Extension. I did get my H1 B Approval in 2011 April for which my H1 B started from Oct 2011 to Jan 2014. So can I go to Visa stamping to Canada for H1 B. Please advise. And while I was in OPT I do not have continuous jobs but while I was on H1 B I did not have any breaks I am on job now and i do get extension for 7 more months. So please advise can I go for Stamping. And last time I was out of US is in 2008.

Please direct me in correct direction I am plannning in Otawwa, Canada. Please advise.


Hi! I am currently on a F1 visa and my father’s company in my home country needs to buy some stuff from USA. I wonder whether I can receive this money to my US bank account to buy those stuff and send them back. Is it legal for me to do that? Do I have to file taxes?

Thank you

I am interested to get my post graduate course from USA(or)UK in a very good university.I want to know the whether TOEFL is required or not to get the admission. I also want to know the GRE score required to get admission to various Reputational universities.If TOEFL is required.what’s the score?????????????

Do i need to show the bank balance inorder to apply for a canadian visitor visa?, i mean, arent the deposits shown on my statement enough? or do i need to have specified balance on my account?

Anyone who is permanent resident in Canada and is working in USA on work permit (L1). What are the advantages and disadvantages. I have been in Canada in 2 years and I have an job offer from USA. Please advise.

I have L2 visa and i live in seattle. I have tried a lot to search online but in vain. I have to opt for mba in US. Can i write the test in seattle even though i am not an US citizen?

Can a F1 US student in US work online for a company in India and earn money in the Indian currency in Indian bank?

I m planning for F1 to H1 stamping .
Jamaica got closed recently .
what about Canada , still we can go .

any other options

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